We're live in ETH Ropsten, ThunderCore Mainnet and RSK Mainnet!

We're proud to bring the first release of our platform in Beta version. Not all functionalities have been implemented yet, so please be mindful when using the service. We currently allow for simple and multi-sig document registrations. Registration and login are not necessary but unlock extra features. See below the benefits of using Certfy.me.


Once you create a registration, it is immutable. We can't even modify it, and we built this platform. This is ideal for proving the validity of documents and the existence of agreements between parties.



By registering documents immutably on a blockchain, you can verify that you have been given the correct copy or prove the existence of a record at a given point in time.



Our platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain, providing security to the data and the application. Also, by using Proxy contract implementations, we can easily upgrade the platform while ensuring the storage persists.

Register your first document

No login necessary. Make sure you have MetaMask installed. (We're currently using Ethereum's Ropsten Network)